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Waterfront Trail
Pistes cyclables et voies cyclables sur les berges du Saint-Laurent et du lac Ontario

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Source: Carte routière officielle de l'Ontario, 1999, Ministère des Transports, 1-800-ONTARIO

Waterfront Trail
Pistes cyclables et voies cyclables sur les berges du Saint-Laurent

Waterfront Trail_Waterfront Trail
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La voie cyclable Waterfront Trail est située dans la région de l'Est de l'Ontario et suit les rives du fleuve Saint-Laurent et du Lac Ontario, de la frontière du Québec jusqu'à Niagara. Aménagée sur des accotements, voies partagées et pistes cyclables, la Waterfront Trail travese de grandes villes tel que Cornwall, Kingston et Toronto. En 2010 il y avait 780km de voie cyclables aménagées (signalisation installée) et 120 km à complèter, pour un total de 900km. A la frontière du Québec la Waterfront Trail rejoint la Route Verte #5 qui mène à Montréal.

La portion à proximité de la frontière du Québec est facilement accessible pour les cyclistes de la région de Montréal. Le trajet est divisé en 4 secteurs illustrés sur la carte. Sélectionnez un secteur pour voir une carte détaillée, des photos, commentaires et évaluation:
Secteur #1 Frontière du Québec à Cornwall (36 km)
Secteur #2 Cornwall et trajet Cornwall à Long Sault (23 km)
Secteur #3 Long Sault à Upper Canada Village (21 km)
Secteur #4 Upper Canada Village à Iroquois (22 km)

Information supplémentaire Pour plus de renseignements et d'autres cartes du trajet jusqu'à Niagara visitez le site internet officiel de la Waterfront Trail http://waterfronttrail.org. Ci-dessous un extrait de ce site :

Fast Facts about the Trail

The Waterfront Trail represents a whole new way of thinking about the Lake Ontario and St Lawrence River waterfronts that emphasizes the links between ecological health, economic vitality, and a sense of community. It has helped inspire people to rediscover and improve the lakeshore, and been part of a transformation of under-utilized and environmentally degraded lands to vibrant places with businesses and jobs, parks and recreational facilities, natural habitats, cultural venues and attractions.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Waterfront Trail:

1. How do I get a map of the Waterfront Trail?
2. Is there an organized tour of the Trail?
3. When was the Waterfront Trail first launched?
4. What area does the Waterfront Trail cover?
5. How long is the Waterfront Trail?
6. Who uses the Waterfront Trail?
7. What are the surface types of the Trail?
8. What are the most suitable sections of the Trail for families?
11. What are the next steps for the Waterfront Trail?


1. Maps:

1. Maps of the entire Trail (from Niagara-on-the-Lake to the Quebec border) are available for download. Visit the Trail Maps section.

2.Our 2009 Waterfront Trail & Greenway Mapbook and new Compact Edition Mapbook are now available (images on right). The mapbook contains over 80 full-colour maps as well as 8 suggested itineraries for family friendly outings on the Trail. A great resource for Trail users! The price is $29.95 ($24.95 for the compact edition) + GST and shipping. Click here to order one online.

3. Dun-Map products are also available for purchase at select stores in Ontario. For a list of stores, visit http://www.dunmap.com/people-retailers.asp. We recommend calling in advance to make sure the mapbook is in stock at a specific location.

2. Tour:  
The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure is an annual, supported end-to-end tour of the Waterfront Trail organized by the Waterfront Regeneration Trust. Participants can join for the full 8 days or sign up for a portion of the route. Sign up early because space is limited to 250 riders!
3. Launched:  
 The first section of the Waterfront Trail, Hamilton to Trenton officially opened in 1995. Since then communities along the Canadian shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River have been working to connect their communities to the Waterfront Trail. In 1996, the Trust extended the Trail to Niagara-on-the-Lake and began signing portions of the Trail east of Quinte West. In 2007, the Trail was officially extended to the Quebec border where it now connects with la Route Verte, Quebec's network of cycling trails.
4. Location:  
 The Waterfront Trail stretches from Niagara-on-the-Lake to the Quebec border, along the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River in Ontario, Canada. The Trail includes:
41 communities
182 parks and natural areas
152 arts and culture heritage attractions
37 major annual waterfront festivals
170 marinas and yacht clubs
5. Length:  
 780 km (485 miles) designated (signed)
120 km (75 miles) undesignated (signage yet to be installed and/or gaps in alignment)
6. Uses:  
The Waterfront Trail is a multi-use (pedestrian, cycling, rollerblading) recreation trail that is used by people of all walks of life. The Trail is also used for commuting purposes (24% of Trail users use it to commute regularly).

7. Surface Types:

The surface of the Trail varies by municipality but mainly consists of 30% off road dedicated path and 70% on residential streets or on the shoulders of major roads. Most sections are paved but some areas have gravel or packed limestone. Please check the Profiles section of this website for surface information in each municipality.

8. Families:


Try the eight family-friendly trips that are part of "Tastes of Trail". Tastes of the Trail is your start to exploring the the Waterfront Trail. Trips are within a two-hour drive of Toronto and will take no longer than 2 hours to finish. To learn more visit www.waterfronttrail.org/wtsk/default.htm


11. Next steps:

Great Waterfront Trail Adventure

With a signed route in place from Niagara to the Quebec border, the Trust celebrated in 2008 by launching the first annual Great Waterfront Trail Adventure, a fully supported end-to-end cycling tour of the Waterfront Trail. This annual tour is designed to showcases the Waterfront Trail and the local communities and promote cycle tourism and active living in Ontario. Click here to find out more about this amazing adventure.

Information supplémentaire Pour plus de renseignements et d'autres cartes du trajet jusqu'à Niagara visitez le site internet officiel de la Waterfront Trail http://waterfronttrail.org.

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